Seismic applications > Marine vibrator

In april 2000, IFREMER has realized a high resolution seismic marine acquisition campaign in the Mediterranean Sea. The source used is a marine vibrator developed by IFREMER (JH650) emitting a signal of 650 to 2000 Hz. The device is composed of a group source receiver distance of 7 m and carried at a small distance of the seabed (30m) on a distance of 128 m. The seabed being horizontal, the reflection on the seabed has been brough at constant time (time zero of the flattened section). The sampling frequency is of 12 kHz. The distance between the section's traces is around 0.5 m. The water's height of 214 m is such that the multiples linked to a water layer do not appear on the section in the chosen observation interval of 40 ms. The sweep duration in frequency is of 50 ms. In this example, we study the performances of the deconvolution by spectral ratio by using several estimations of the source signal