Near Surface Geophysics > 3C VSP at well C1

For near surface vertical seismic profile, slim hole VSP tools and light seismic sources are usually used. The slim hole VSP tool is either a single component tool or a multi component tool.

The example describes the different processing steps of a near surface VSP recorded on the Hydrogeological Experimental Site of the University of Poitiers. It shows how wavenumber filter, median and moving average filters can be combined to separate the different wave fields

Figure shows step by step :

  • Step 1: the site and the location of the well C1.

  • Step 2: the VSP tool designed to record the wave fields on 3 components: a vertical geophone Z and 2 horizontal orthogonal geophones H1 and H2.The tool has two arms used to optimize its coupling with the geological formation.

  • Step 3: the seismic source. It is a light weight dropper.