Near Surface Geophysics > VSP with a hydrophone at well M3

The hydrophone VSP has been recorded at well M3 on the Hydrogeological Experimental Site of the University of Poitiers.

The example shows how wavenumber filter and velocity filter in the f, k domain can be combined to separate the different wave fields. It also shows how the Hilbert transform and the analytic signal can be used to analyze the amplitude of the different waves.

The observed Soneley waves are mainly converted waves. The example shows how a deconvolution is used to locate accurately the depths, where the conversions occur.

Figure shows step by step :

  • Step 1: the site and the location of the well M3.

  • Step 2: the VSP tool. It is a borehole hydrophone.

  • Step 3: the seismic source. It is a light weight dropper.